Lift and slide terrace doors Iglo-HS



Perfect solution for the trendy large-size terrace and balcony glazing that makes the interior absolutely unique.


  1. Modern design offering the possibility to produce large-size glazing that guarantees maximum access to the daylight. 
  2. Perfect functionality and comfortable usage thanks to the technological advancement of the profile and the fittings system.
  3. Lightness and tightness of the structure, thanks to the specially designed system of guide rails and velour EPDM sealing.
  4. Safety is guaranteed by the the stable construction, even with the sash with weight 400 kg.
  5. Possibility to customize the interior as a result of the wide range of colours.
  6. Great functionality ensured by i.a. the low aluminum threshold that can be hidden in the floor. 
  7. Perfect solution for energy-efficient and passive houses due to the big glazing surface.
  8. The unique style of the system is emphasized by the aluminum handles and knob-handles. 
  9. Great functionality and intelligent solutions as a result of optional installation of automatic drive controlled by a button and a remote control.




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